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9 Game-Changing Tools For Bushcraft Enthusiasts  


While thoughtfully assembling a bushcraft kit can be rewarding, subscription boxes offer a convenient way to discover gear essentials. This article explores nine must-have tools to include in your next outdoor subscription box for thriving in the bush. 

What is an Outdoors Subscription Box?   

Gear is thoughtfully selected each month by experts and sent as a surprise package. This allows outdoor enthusiasts to conveniently discover and try out new essentials for their next excursion.  

Therefore, receiving a box filled with hand-picked gear that matches your interests makes preparing for the wild more enjoyable. So, an outdoor subscription box can deliver value and excitement while helping equip every trip. 

Tools For Bushcraft Enthusiasts 

The following are game-changing items that can be interesting for bushcraft enthusiasts. 

  1. Bushcraft Knife  

A full-tang fixed-blade knife is a versatile wilderness tool. It assists with shelter construction, fire starting, wood processing, and game preparation. In the bush, a quality blade is indispensable. 

Thus, choose a sturdy drop-point blade that is 4 to 5 inches long and is made from durable high-carbon steel. The contoured handle should provide a comfortable and slip-free grip. A bushcraft knife will quickly become the most used item when living in the wild tanzohub

  1. Tarp Shelter 

A quality tarp is vital for bushcrafters in all seasons for quick overhead shelter. Waterproof and ultra-lightweight tarps protect from rain, wind, sun, and snow. Unlike tents, they can be configured into different shelter styles as needed. String them up with paracord in lean-to configurations or wrap them into cocoon-style bivvy for sleeping.  

Yet, large tarps can form roomy open-sided tents to keep occupants and gear dry. Beyond shelter, tarps also enable collecting dew or rainwater and provide gear coverage. Rugged and adaptable, a good tarp is worth its marginal weight. 

  1. Navigation Tools   

Traveling through remote wilderness demands proper navigation equipment and skills. Bushcrafters should carry a detailed topographical map of the area and a military-grade compass. Learn orientation skills like taking and following magnetic bearings to stay on course even in dense forests and lousy weather when landmarks are obscured.  

While GPS devices have uses, if technology fails, map and compass abilities are critical. Only head into the wild with low-tech navigation skills and tools. Getting lost could quickly become a survival situation.   

  1. Headlamp 

Hands-free illumination enables bushcrafters to work, hike, and navigate at night. LED headlamps provide powerful lighting from an adjustable beam with multiple modes and a long battery life.  

They allow the use of both hands for chores like cooking, fire craft, and gathering wood in darkness. Waterproof models can withstand wet weather. Headlamps grant bushcrafters adaptability when daylight fades. 

  1. First Aid Kit  

Injuries and accidents can happen anytime, making a first aid kit mandatory survival gear. Tailored wilderness kits include ample medical supplies for bleeding, sprains, blisters, burns, and pain. Pack antibiotic ointment, bandages, trauma dressings, butterfly strips, nitrile gloves, and painkillers.  

Also, include personal medications, treatments for diarrhea, electrolyte replenishers, and extras like bee sting relief wipes. Print out instructions for applying splints and treating shock. Be prepared to handle medical emergencies without outside help. 

  1. Multi-Tool 

A good multi-tool combines several everyday tools into one compact unit. Most feature pliers, wire cutters, knife blades, scissors, bottle openers, screwdrivers, and files. Multi-tools allow bushcrafters to tighten loose screws on gear, remove splinters, cut cordage, and solve problems on the go.  

Further, look for one with quality components, locking blades, and a comfortable grip. Valuable modifications include adding fire steels, compass, and paracord attachments. A multi-tool increases independence when repairs pop up far from civilization.  

  1. Water Filter 

Clean water access is extremely limited in the bush, making a water filter essential. Portable filters remove bacteria, protozoa, and particulates from sketchy natural sources like lakes, streams, and rainwater.  

Besides, they allow drinking untreated water to stay hydrated. Choose a compact, field-tested filter that removes viruses, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other pathogens. Avoiding debilitating waterborne illness is a significant concern for bushcrafters that quality filtration addresses. 

  1. Fire Starters 

Starting fires in adverse conditions requires prime tinder, kindling, and fuel. Bushcrafters should pack multiple fire starters for igniting blazes, whatever the circumstance. Options include store-bought tinder, homemade fatwood, char cloth, bird nests harvested from fluffy bark fibers, and wax-infused cotton balls.  

Additionally, firepaste made from petroleum jelly and cotton fluff also works. With the proper fire starters, a single spark births a vibrant campfire. Don’t rely solely on matches and lighters. 

  1. Folding Saw  

A folding saw is an indispensable bushcraft tool for processing timber and harvesting firewood. Far easier than relying on a knife alone, a folding saw quickly cuts thick branches or scrub.  

Notably, its razor-sharp, impulse-hardened teeth cut on the pull stroke and fold into a compact size. Durable folding saws quickly process logs for shelter, crafts, or cooking. The ability to harvest dry firewood and construction wood is beneficial during extended stays in the bush. 

Final Thoughts 

Thriving in the wilderness depends on bushcraft skills – but proper gear makes success easier. These nine fundamental items empower enthusiasts during off-grid living. With competence in using them, bushcrafters gain adaptability and independence to overcome challenges far from civilization. Thoughtfully selected equipment plus skill beats improvising in an emergency. 

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