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Home Business Powering Up the Workspace Extension Cord Essentials for Every Office 

Powering Up the Workspace Extension Cord Essentials for Every Office 

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Workplace safety largely depends on the proper usage of office tools and equipment. That includes extension cords. Handling office extension cords appropriately is a workplace safety tip that can minimize property damage and staff injuries caused by electrical malfunctions. Fortunately, there are numerous best practices for using office extension cords. This article shall explore some of those strategies. 

1. Begin With the Right Extension Cord 

One exciting thing about extension cords is that they come in many shapes and sizes. However, not all cables are ideal for every situation tanzohub.  

Below are the key factors to consider when shopping for office extension cords; 

Indoor versus Outdoor Work Environment 

The nature of your work environment determines the type of extension cord to buy.  

For instance, an outdoor extension cord would naturally have specifications allowing it to brave the elements. The outer jackets of such cables are usually resistant to moisture, water immersion, heat, impact, abrasion, and corrosion.  

If you work in an outdoor environment like a farm yard or construction site, you’ll be better off with an outdoor power cord. The converse is true if you work indoors, where the extension cords you buy must not necessarily have weatherproof features. 

Your Industry 

Extension cord specifications also vary depending on the industry you’re in. Ideally, you want a cable whose current rating is matched for your office appliances.  

Assume you work in a cybercafé or data center. In that case, you could invest more in C13 and C14 cords.  

C13 and C14 are the most common cables used to power computer devices. You can connect a desktop, laptop, monitor, printer, photocopier, etc.  

Similarly, if you work in a laundry room, you’ll require higher-gauge cords like those rated 12 AWG or 10 AWG. Such cables can power laundry equipment like washing machines and dryers without malfunctioning. 

Cord Gauge and Length 

We’ve just hinted that higher-gauge extension cords are ideal for power-hungry electrical appliances. The opposite is true for lower-gauge wires.  

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing here is that extension cords with a larger gauge are assigned smaller gauge ratings. That means 10- and 12-gauge wires are thicker and handle current better than 14-, 16-, or 18-gauge cables.  

When it comes to length, the conventional wisdom is to choose an office extension cord that’s long enough to connect an appliance to the power outlet but short enough not to cause entanglements. 

Cord Amperage, Voltage, and Wattage 

Amps, volts, and watts are three different units of measure that relate to electrical appliances.  

Amps denote the amount of electric current flowing through a circuit, volts refer to the potential difference between two points driving electric flow, and watt measures electrical power or work. The three variables form a relationship called the power equation, in which Amps X Volts = Watts.  

Now, an extension cord’s amperage, voltage, and wattage depend primarily on its gauge.  

Thicker wires like 12 AWG typically have higher amperage, voltage, and wattage ratings. Such cables are ideal for power-hungry office equipment. 

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2. Do Not Overload the Circuits 

Overloading your office’s electrical circuits is the surest way to trigger electrical hazards. That’s regardless of whether you’re using extension cords designed with mighty circuit breakers.  

One way to avoid circuit overloads is to cease plugging multiple appliances into one socket simultaneously. Connecting several office equipment in a single socket could lead to a voltage drop, causing the connected appliances to malfunction.  

You also want to avoid daisy-chaining. Daisy-chaining is when you connect extension cords in a series, either to create more outlets or to power an appliance located considerably further from a main outlet. Although often done with good intentions, the consequences can be devastating.  

A solution to daisy-chaining is to buy an extension cord long enough to get to the device or equipment that needs to be powered.  

3. Maintain Situational Awareness At All Times 

Electrical accidents in the workplace aren’t always due to circuit overloads. These hazards may also result from human oversights. And sometimes, it only takes losing your guard for a minute for things to escalate so quickly.  

That underscores the significance of maintaining situational awareness all the time.  

For starters, keep extension cords away from heat sources to prevent them from overheating and exploding.  

Keeping office extension cords away from heavy or sharp objects is also prudent. Despite the impact-resistant cable, it could still give in to pressure from bulky office equipment.  

Similarly, keep extension cords away from high foot traffic areas like the hallways. This helps to minimize trip hazards.  

4. Store Extension Cords Properly When Not In use 

This is one extension cord best practice that many office workers skimp on. It hits five o’clock, and everyone is out of the office in a flash, leaving extension cables strewn everywhere.  

Besides the obvious tripping risks, improper storage of extension cords can damage the conductor material by twisting it.  

So, wrap extension cords properly after use to avoid frays. This can help to prolong the cable’s lifespan and avoid needless repairs or replacements.  

If your extension cord is several feet long, you might want to invest in an electrical cord reel. Remember to also turn off electrical appliances when not in use. 

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Final Word 

Implementing the above strategies can help to minimize costly electrical malfunctions in the office. It also ensures that all connected electrical appliances function optimally, improving workplace productivity.   

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