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Grow Your Farm With Ease Kisan Gold Loan Interest Rates Unveiled

Kisan Gold Loan

India being an agricultural based country, has millions of families directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture as their main income, so there is ever demand for capital to fulfill the need for agriculture. It is thus apparent that adequate capital is crucial in farming in terms of buying good quality seeds and fertilizer, not to mention other equipment that is used in farming. To meet the requirements of farmers and the agricultural sector, there is a practical option for a Kisan gold loan.

This type of loan is very important because of its flexibility in repaying, besides enjoying a lower interest rate. To sum up, the knowledge of the Kisan gold loan interest rate and the ways to calculate it with the help of the agriculture gold loan interest rate calculator can be useful for farmers when making their financial decisions regarding the development of their farms.

What is a Kisan gold loan?

A Kisan gold loan is a form of secured loan where farmers have an opportunity to borrow funds against gold jewelry or coins. The amount of the loan depends on the weight and purity of the gold that has been pledged and the conventional LTV ratio is maximum up to 75 percent of the current market value tanzohub. Kisan gold loans have easy repayment options and instant loan disbursement to make it easier for borrowers to take money for agricultural purposes.

Key features of Kisan gold loans

  1. Quick processing: Kisan gold loans are not heavily documented, and once the borrower fulfills the eligibility criteria, the loans are granted and disbursed within 24 hours.
  2. Flexible repayment: Farmers can opt to repay their loans at certain times of the year, during their periods of high yield, hence avoiding problems of being forced to repay loans at times when they are not busy with their crops.
  3. High loan-to-value ratio: RBI rules governing gold loans limit the amount to 75 percent of the value of gold offered by farmers, ensuring maximum credit access.
  4. Lower interest rates: Compared to unsecured loans, Kisan gold loans more frequently provide attractive interest rates since the loan is secured.

Understanding the Kisan gold loan interest rate

The Kisan gold loan interest rate is unique to each lending organization’s internal policies, the credit history of the borrowers, and the national economy. Nonetheless, the government regulation to protect farmers provides that these rates are fairly charged and can range between 7% and 12% per annum. Here’s how different factors influence the interest rates. 

  1. Loan tenure: Credit contracts with longer duration may be associated with higher interest rates since the credit risk for the lender elevates over time.
  2. Gold quality: Lower interest rates prevail in the case of higher-purity gold as its valuation is better than that of the lower purity.
  3. LTV ratio: Though the RBI permits up to 75% LTV, LTV ratios significantly lower will likely attract more beneficial interest rates.
  4. Borrower’s creditworthiness: Loans are usually available at lower interest rates to farmers with good previous repayment records and high credit ratings.
  5. Lender’s policies: The fact is that several banks and NBFCs have different policies leading to differences in interest rates offered.

Using an agriculture gold loan interest rate calculator

The agriculture gold loan interest rate calculator is a very useful one that will enable borrowers to assess their loan amount and interest rate quickly. These calculators are available online at most banks and NBFCs to assist farmers in the efficient planning of borrowings.

How to use an agriculture gold loan interest rate calculator:

  1. Enter gold weight: Input the weight of your gold jewelry or coins in grams or tolas.
  2. Choose gold purity: Select the purity of your gold from options like 18 karats, 22 karats, or 24 karats.
  3. Current gold rate: The calculator will automatically apply the current market rate of gold per gram.
  4. Select LTV ratio: Based on the lender’s policies, choose the applicable LTV ratio (typically up to 75%).
  5. Loan tenure: Input your preferred loan tenure to estimate the EMI and interest costs.
  6. Calculate: The calculator will provide the estimated loan amount, interest rate, and monthly repayment details.

Benefits of using an interest rate calculator

  1. Plan your borrowing: Evaluate the amount of money that you get to borrow and the interest rates to determine which loan terms are suitable for you.
  2. Compare lenders: Check how the rates of different sources of financing and their LTV ratios differ and how they impact the cost of capital. When searching for gold loans, it is helpful to have in mind the types of firms like Bajaj Finance in contrast to other finance firms, for example.
  3. Select optimal repayment: Explain how your tenure influences your EMIs and decide on implementing a viable plan to honor your obligations.

Tips for managing your Kisan Gold loan effectively

  1. Evaluate your funding needs: Determine your exact funding requirements and borrow only what is necessary to avoid overleveraging.
  2. Compare lenders: Different lenders offer varying interest rates, fees, and repayment options. Choose the lender with the most favorable terms.
  3. Plan repayment carefully: Choose a repayment schedule that aligns with your cash flow and crop cycles to ensure timely payments.
  4. Consider prepayment: If your lender allows prepayment without penalties, use surplus funds to reduce your principal and interest costs.
  5. Maintain communication with the lender: If you anticipate repayment challenges, inform your lender immediately and explore restructuring options to avoid penalties.

For more benefit from the recently revealed interest rates on Kisan Gold Loans to easily unlock the potential of your farm. Download Bajaj Finserv App and finish the application by providing all the information needed. This will allow you to apply for a Kisan Gold Loan. You can receive approval in a matter of minutes if your application is processed quickly.


Kisan gold loans offer a valuable lifeline for farmers seeking flexible and affordable funding to grow their agricultural operations. Understanding the Kisan gold loan interest rate and using an agriculture gold loan interest rate calculator empowers farmers to make informed financial decisions. By comparing lenders, planning repayment carefully, and managing borrowing needs efficiently, farmers can leverage gold loans to secure their farms’ future growth and sustainability.

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