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How To Arrange Registered Office Address For Your UK Limited Company 


A registered business address is one of the requirements for starting a company in the UK. The address allows you to get vital documents or letters from HMRC and the Companies House tanzohub

The address doesn’t have to be on a commercial property but should have a legally valid address. You may need it when you work online and don’t have a particular office, and don’t want to give out your home address. 

If you plan to start a limited company in the UK, you may wonder how to get a registered address if you don’t have one. Don’t worry; we will discuss the simple ways of getting your registered address. Keep reading to learn more.   

Reasons to Have a Registered Business Address 

You need to have a registered office address for limited company UK for many reasons. Here are some of them: 

1. To Remain Complaint 

You should provide a registered business address when registering a limited business in the UK. Therefore, you may need the address to remain compliant and facilitate your business registration process. 

2. To Avoid Disclosing the Residential Address 

You don’t have to give out your home or personal address when you have the registered residential address. Instead, you only buy the address from a host and pay a certain fee every month or annually. Once you buy the residential address, the host will forward all the details to you by bringing or scanning them. 

3. To Reduce Junk Mails 

Junk mail is common and may consume most of your time to sort and read it. While you may not always control the emails you get, you can buy a registered email address to reduce them. The company offering the registered email address will sort the emails on your behalf, giving you enough time to carry out other business activities. 

4. For Prestige 

A registered business address can enhance your prestige and reputation, mainly if you choose a well-known address. For instance, you can buy a residential address in the heart of London and enhance your confidence when handling your suppliers and clients.  

Besides, you may earn more customer trust and loyalty as they see you as a credible business person. 

5. To Minimize Disturbance 

Lastly, you may need to buy a registered office address to minimize callers and delivery people to people. For instance, if you give out your home address, you may end up dealing with many visitors, including the uninvited ones who want to complain or have petty issues.  

The managed registered address gives you enough peace of mind to carry out your work activities.   

How to Get a Registered Office Address 

Getting a registered office address is easy when you know your options. In the UK, you may get this address in three main ways. They include: 

1. Giving out your Home Address 

You can decide to use your home address as the residential office address. Once you give it out, you will get mail at home, and people may be free to come and see or deliver items to your home. 

2. Buy a Registered Business Address 

The second option is to buy the service from a well-known company. For instance, some accountants sell out their registered office addresses to entrepreneurs who don’t want to give out their home addresses, or don’t have a formal company’s registered office.  

When you choose this option, the registered office providers will receive and send emails to mailing any way you agree.  

In return, you will be making an agreed subscription amount by the end of the month of the year. This option is quite flexible; you can change the package if needed. 

3. Get a Virtual Business Address 

Lastly, you may get a registered business address in the UK by renting a virtual address in any location you choose. When you select this option, letters and other government documents will be sent to the rented area, and you will collect them there at your most convenient time. This option is great when you need privacy and minimum interference when working. 

How to Change a Registered Office Address 

It’s possible to change your registered office address, provided that your business remains in the UK and that the new address is still in the country. Here is how you can achieve this; 

  • Find the company House website and go to the Find And Update Company Information section 
  • Search your company, and head to the physical address section 
  • Edit it and submit your change 

The Companies House team will review the change and provide feedback within 14 days. Once the change is approved, remember to make the same changes on your business cards, website, and any other place where the old address exists. Prompt changes will keep your clients informed and reduce any form of confusion. 

What to Consider When Setting Up Your Registered Office Address 

Here are a few things to remember when choosing the ideal office address for your limited company in the UK; 

  • Your business should be located or based in the UK to have its address in the country. 
  • Companies House should be aware of any change you make to your address. If you physically move your business, make the exact change on the Companies House website. 
  • You can use a third-party-owned and managed registered address if you don’t have one, or don’t want to use your home as your registered address. 
  • You don’t need to work at the office address on the premises. You can work at home or anywhere else, but official documents will be sent to the address. 

Lastly, you should know that your address will be available in the public register. The government and other people will be able to seek the address and can use it anytime. 

If you choose to work with a registered address provider, do your background research to learn more about their services. Confirm that they are experienced and reputable and don’t charge hidden fees. 


A registered office address is essential for people planning to start a company in the UK. The address provides a central point for people to inquire and contact you.  

However, you don’t have to be physically present in the UK to have it. You can still have a London-based address and live abroad, provided the company is in the UK.  

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