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Practical Strategies To Improve Your NABERS Rating


NABERS is a system for rating buildings in Australia based on their sustainability performance. It specifically focuses on commercial buildings.

This Australian building rating system gives a 6-star rating, like energy efficiency ratings on appliances. Nabers Energy rates buildings like 

  • offices, 
  • hospitals, 
  • malls, and 
  • hotels.

The NABERS scale ranges from one star as the lowest rating to 6 stars as the highest. The 6 star rating represents exceptional environmental efficiency in a building.

A building rated six stars by NABERS is significantly superior to a 5-star rated building. It will emit nearly half as much greenhouse gases.

A three-star rating is considered “average”. However, it provides a robust foundation for building owners and managers to strive for energy efficiency enhancements. Just like NABERS, residential buildings can get thermal efficiency with the NatHERS assessment. 

What are the various types of NABERS ratings?

NABERS offers various ratings to evaluate buildings’ environmental performance.

NABERS Water Rating 

NABERS Water tracks the water consumption in a building. This rating emphasizes 

  • efficient water usage and 
  • potable water management techniques.

It assists building owners and managers in determining the amount of water used by their buildings. It offers ideas for decreasing water consumption. This results in tanzohub.

  • cost savings and 
  • promoting environmental sustainability.

NABERS Energy Rating System

NABERS Energy evaluates: 

  • how energy efficient a building is, and 
  • its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

This rating assists in identifying the building’s energy consumption patterns. It compares them to similar buildings. 

With this rating system, you can discover ways to decrease: 

  • energy usage and 
  • carbon footprint, 

This can result in cost savings and environmental advantages.


NABERS Waste assesses how waste is 

  • managed and 
  • reduced in a building

This rating system aims to 

  • enhance recycling rates and 
  • reduce waste sent to landfills.

This NABERS assessment promotes the adoption of greener waste management practices in buildings. This can 

  • reduce environmental harm, and 
  • support a circular economy.

NABERS Indoor Environment certification

NABERS Indoor Environment evaluates indoor environment quality. It examines 

  • air quality, 
  • lighting, 
  • temperature, and 
  • humidity. 

This assessment is essential for the comfort and health of occupants. These factors influence both productivity and overall well-being.

Tenants who value employee well-being and happiness are more likely to prefer buildings with high indoor environment ratings.

NABERS Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification

Buildings with a NatHERS Assessment rating of 4 stars or higher can earn the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification. You can achieve this certification by using carbon offsets to offset your building emissions.

This certification acknowledges buildings that have reached carbon neutrality in their operations. This shows a dedication to: 

  • environmental leadership and 
  • addressing climate change.

You can choose renewable energy for your building’s stationary energy usage instead of relying on carbon offsets. This can help improve your building’s sustainability credentials even more.

Why is a high NABERS rating important?

The build environment is responsible for around 40% of overall worldwide CO2 emissions. Hence, it is crucial for owners of commercial properties to.

  • showcase dedication to sustainability and 
  • actively work towards decreasing their ecological impact. 

Obtaining a high NABERS rating is a method to achieve this. In addition to the evident positive effect on the environment, it provides various advantages for 

  • builders
  • property owners, 
  • investors, and 
  • tenants, 

Listed below are some of the numerous advantages of having a high NABERS rating.

Lower environmental footprint

A positive NABERS rating indicates that the building functions with 

  • improved energy efficiency, 
  • decreased greenhouse gas emissions, and 
  • lower resource usage

Therefore, a NABERS rating 

  • supports environmental sustainability and 
  • addresses climate change.

Decreased operating expenses

NABERS Energy rating emphasizes energy efficiency. Therefore, the building will have decreased energy usage and utility expenses.

This leads to: 

  • lower operating costs and 
  • substantial financial benefits 

Elevated market worth and rental revenue

A better NABERS rating acts as an effective promotional instrument. You can attract eco-friendly tenants and stakeholders prioritizing sustainable methods.

Decreased vacancy rates

A good NABERS rating can 

  • boost lease renewal rates and 
  • tenant contentment

Tenants are more inclined to remain in a property that provides a sustainable and healthy workspace.

Being environmentally responsible

A strong NABERS rating shows a builder’s commitment to: 

  • sustainability and 
  • corporate social responsibility. 

It highlights your endeavours to reduce 

  • your building’s environmental footprint and 
  • make a positive impact on the community.

How to Improve your NABERS rating?

There are significant alterations that can be done to your building to enhance your NABERS rating. It can vary from simple and quick to slightly more time-consuming upgrades. 

  • Install LED lighting. Simply by changing a light bulb, you can decrease your lighting energy usage by up to 80%.
  • You can also consider putting in motion sensors. With these sensons the lights will only get activated when the room or area is being used.
  • Put in insulation and double-glazed windows. This can help decrease reliance on your air conditioning and heating system.
  • Consider upgrading your HVAC system. Alternatively, you can find ways to lower its cost if the expense is too high. For instance, power your HVAC down at night. You can adjust the temperature slightly to reduce strain on the system.
  • Utilize a sustainable energy source like solar energy on the premises. Alternatively, you can obtain energy from a certified Green Power provider if on-site solar is not an option.

What is the process of utilizing building analytics to enhance your NABERS rating?

Real-time monitoring

With real-time monitoring tools for NABERS assessment, you can analyze 

  • energy consumption, 
  • water usage, 
  • indoor environment conditions, and 
  • other important performance indicators. 

The real-time data gives immediate insight into how a building is performing. You can quickly spot inefficiencies or issues with the building.

Detection and identification of faults

Building analytics tools automatically recognizes deviations from optimal functioning. It pinpoints equipment or system issues. With this analysis, you can identify problems like 

  • malfunctioning equipment, 
  • inefficient operations, or 
  • high energy use

You can promptly fix them. With necessary upgrades. enhance energy efficiency and building performance 

Optimising energy

Building analytics offers a deep understanding of 

  • energy usage patterns and 
  • resource consumption. 

It can help you discover 

  • high consumption areas, 
  • peak demand times, and 
  • areas for improvement. 

Using this data, you can carry out energy-saving actions to enhance your building’s NABERS score. These include 

  • load management techniques or 
  • equipment upgrades.

Finishing up

Building professionals can help you with NABERS, BASIX or NatHERS assessment. With professional assistance you can speed up your journey towards achieving a better NABERS rating.

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