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The Best Moments In NBA History 


Now that we’re following the NBA rounds, it’s officially basketball season. The post offers plenty of storylines from which to select. Ja Morant, Luka Doncic, and Jayson Tatum are just a few of the young players who have emerged and been outstanding in the playoffs.  

As is typical for the NBA, the playoffs are shaping up to be a memorable side. Having said that, Iconic moments have marked them throughout their history. They do it all the time. The original ad slogan went something like, “It’s where amazing happens.”   

What makes the NBA special?

We figured it was about time to reminisce on the most memorable events of the NBA finals. The lists aren’t easy, as they usually are. Plenty of good moments and a plethora of possibilities may be considered classic. That is the combination of its enjoyable and demanding aspects. Despite following NBA scores today 2023, there are many memorable moments you must cherish.  

Prepare to debate and have fun! Let’s go! 

1. Sets new Finals record with 61 points scored by Elgin Baylor 

Against a Celtics team that included one of the NBA’s all-time best defenders, Bill Russell, the Lakers icon recorded 61 points (on 46 attempts) in the 1962 Finals. Even though the Lakers lost the entire series, it is still incredible that he became the only player in Finals history to score 60 points while against a club that would eventually include seven Hall of Famers. According to Wilton Jackson, 

2. In 1954, Danny Biasone came up with the shot clock. 

The evolution of the NBA could not have been shaped by a regulation change more pivotal than this one.  

Owner Danny Biasone of the Syracuse Nationals began using a 24-second shot clock during team scrimmages because he was sick of the boring style that basketball had entirely adopted, which had turned off spectators and television stations.  

As fate would have it, Biasone’s squad went on to win the next championship when the NBA opted to use the shot clock during 1954–1955.  

The league’s popularity and scoring both skyrocketed at the same time tanzohub.  

3. The Decision (2010) 

Whether you’re a fan of the NBA or not, LeBron James brought a sea change when he decided to “take his skills to South Beach.” 

He went from being a beloved NBA player to being reviled by many.   

But that wasn’t the only thing he accomplished during his prolonged summer 2010 limelight. It catapulted the National Basketball Association into the spotlight even more, elevating the league’s already enormous fan base. The previous season was the most talked-about in NBA history, and a large part of the credit goes to LeBron.  

4. Kevin Durant NBA Finals: LeBron James’s Dagger 

No one here can relate to the feeling of hitting a game-winning 3-pointer over their idol to clinch their first NBA championship. However, its true significance was revealed in an interview released by Kevin Durant later that summer. Durant had just helped the Warriors win the third match of the 2017 NBA Finals by pulling the net over LeBron James’s outstretched arm. “That was the most incredible experience of my life,” Durant told GQ.  

Everyone knows what happened to KD during the 2019 Finals, and LeBron won a fourth championship with the Lakers last year and might very well win a fifth, so the entire torch-passing notion didn’t hold water.  

If you were to reflect on Durant’s illustrious career, this shot would likely stand out the most. In a two-point deficit as his hero assessed him defensively, one of the most devastating scorers in the history of the NBA drew up the ball without hesitation from beyond the arc.  

5. Linsanity  

Linsanity would have topped the list if it had been a countdown of the most implausible moments of the decade. 

Coach Mike D’Antoni was about to cut Lin before he received his big break, and Lin was already a marginal player in the NBA before he got the opportunity. 

Lin sent MSG into ecstasy with his breakout performance against the Nets as he scored 25 points, grabbed 5 boards, and dished out 7 assists. 

The formerly dismal Knicks went on a seven-game winning streak thanks primarily to Lin, who scored 38 points against the Lakers before nailing a game-winning shot in Toronto. 

Linsanity just kept becoming wilder and crazier. 

Instantly, Lin rose from the depths of obscurity as a G-League player to the pinnacle of basketball stardom worldwide. 

6. Share MVP with Shaq and Kobe 

For fans grieving Kobe’s sudden passing, this is a beautiful memory. The two ex-teammates put their differences aside and put together a show, scoring 44 points to lead the Western Conference to a 146-119 victory. 

In the final moments of the game, Shaq and Kobe were seen laughing together, giving the impression that they had put their differences aside after achieving so much together, and they were both named co-MVPs. 

7. The Final Shot by Michael Jordan 

This Eastern Conference vs. Western Conference All-Star Game from 2003 was one of the most exciting duels as it went into extra overtime. Naturally, the focus was on Jordan transferring the team’s legacy to Kobe. 

Bryant sent the match to overtime after being fouled, even though it appeared like Jordan had taken the game with a late jumper. The West would prevail in double overtime, yet not before Jordan delivered a nearly flawless farewell to his farewell All-Star Game with a fadeaway jump shot. 

In the end! 

All of the events included here, from Jerry West’s Hail Mary to The Block, are significant in NBA history and have been ingrained in the game’s heritage in their unique ways. As we reflect, it is incredible to see the impact NBA superstars have had in building historic rivalries, motivating fans to persevere, and building great businesses.

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