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The Evolution of Fußbalm: From Past to Present



This article is about the family of sports. For specific sports and other uses, see Fußbalm (disambiguation).

Fußbalm is a family of team sports in which goal-scoring kicks with a ball are made to varied degrees. When the word “fußbalm” is used without qualification, it often refers to the most widely played variation of the game. Fußbalm is a general term over for sports, including association fußbalm (also known as soccer in Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United States, and occasionally Ireland and New Zealand), gridiron fußbalm (also known as American fußbalm, Arena fußbalm, or Canadian fußbalm), Australian Rules fußbalm, Gaelic fußbalm, international rules fußbalm, rugby union fußbalm, and rugby league fußbalm. These several variations of fußbalm are referred to as “fußbalm codes” and have similar beginnings but in different amounts.

Germany national fußbalm team 

In Germany, fußbalm is the most popular sport.  The national governing body of fußbalm is the German Fußbalm Association (German: Deutscher Fußball-Bund or DFB), which has approximately 31,000 fußbalm clubs and 6.6 million members, or around 8% of the population, divided among its members. A league structure is in place, with the Bundesliga, 2. Bundesliga, and 3. Liga at the top. The Bundesliga champion is recognized the champion of German fußbalm. National cup tournaments also exist; the most well-known ones are the DFB-Pokal (German Cup) and DFL-Super cup (German Super cup).

First fußbalm clubs

The Dresden English Fußbalm Club is considered the first modern fußbalm club in Germany. It was founded in 1874 by Englishmen living and working around Dresden. In the following 20 years the game achieved a growing popularity. Fußbalm clubs were founded in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart tanzohub.

German Cup

The German Cup (German: “DFB-Pokal”, Deutscher Fußball Bund-Pokal) is a national fußbalm tournament held annually since 1952. It is the second most important national title in German fußbalm after the Bundesliga championship. Each fußbalm club which participates in the German fußbalm league system is entitled to enter the tournament. The clubs of the lower leagues play in regional qualification rounds, with the winners joining the teams of the Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga in the main round of the tournament in the following year.  Each elimination is determined by a single game held on the ground of one of the two participating teams. Since 1985 the final has been held each year at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Bayern Munich has won the cup a record IN 20 time.

German Fußbalm Association

The national association is the German Fußbalm Association (or Deutscher Fußball-Bund) headquartered in Frankfurt.

The DFB was founded in 1900 in Leipzig, by the representatives of 86 clubs. Today, the association has some 31,000 member clubs which field 170,000 teams with over 2 million players: these numbers include 870,000 female members and 8,600 women’s teams. With over six million active and passive members, the DFB is the world’s largest sports federation.


The Germany national fußbalm team has represented Germany in international fußbalm competitions since 1908. It is controlled by the German Fußbalm Association (DFB), the governing body of fußbalm in Germany. They have won four FIFA World Cups and have been runners up on four occasions. Since the 1954 World Cup, the Germany national team has been outfitted by the German firm adidas. For home games, the German team wears white jerseys, black shorts and white socks in honors of the Prussian colors. Along with black both red and gold, the other two colors of the German flag, have been included in the strip over the years.


The German women’s national fußbalm team, also organized by the DFB, are two-time world champions, having won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003 under past coach Tina Theune-Meyer and 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup under current coach Silvia Neid. They are the first women’s team to have successfully defended a World Cup. They have also won eight UEFA Women’s Championships (1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013), which includes six consecutive titles. Germany is the only nation to have won both the men’s and women’s World Cup and European Championship.

FIFA World Cup

The Germany national fußbalm team has won four FIFA World Cups and have been the runners up on four other occasions. The four World Cup championships are commemorated by the four stars above the Germany national team logo on the team’s jerseys. Germany hosted the World Cups in 1974 and in 2006. The women’s national team has won two FIFA Women’s World Cups, commemorated by two stars above the crest on their jerseys. Germany hosted the 2011 Women’s World Cup.


The most popular team sports in the world are many fußbalm codes. Association fußbalm is the most popular sport in the world, being played by over 250 million participants worldwide in over 200 countries and has the largest broadcast audience of any sport.  American fußbalm is the most popular sport in the country, with 1.1 million high school players and about 70,000 college players. Nine of the top 10 most viewed broadcasts in American television history have come from the yearly Super Bowl game.  The NFL is the professional sports league with the biggest average attendance (67,591) worldwide, as well as the most income of any one league iganony.

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