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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fire Starter for Camping 


Choosing the right fire starter for camping is a decision that calls for extensive research and a bit of caution. That’s especially true if you’re camping in unfavorable weather conditions.  

In this article, I’ll walk you through the primary factors to consider when scouting for a fire starter kit for your next camping trip.  

1. Brand Reputation 

There are numerous fire starter brands to sample from. In fact, so many fire starter manufacturers that sifting through the recommendations might be challenging tanzohub.  

If you’re a beginner, start by checking a brand’s reputation. Insist on a company whose fire starters enjoy high approval ratings from most current and previous users. Reading online reviews can provide valuable insights into the reputation of a fire starter manufacturer.  

You’d also choose a fire starter brand whose products you can access through a subscription box service like BattlBox.  

Having your fire starters delivered through subscription boxes helps to avoid the inconvenience of frantically looking for these items whenever you need to hit the woods. Most subscription boxes also let you explore diverse fire starter brands while providing access to limited-edition products.  

2. Ease of Ignition 

Fire starters vary considerably in their ease of ignition. Some fire starters ignite with a single strike, while others may require a couple of strikes.  

Since camping typically takes place outdoors in direct exposure to the elements, it would be great to buy a fire starter that comes alight without much fuss.  

Such tools can be a welcome blessing when camping in frigid conditions or when you need to whip up a meal on short notice.  

Ease of ignition also translates to longevity. And that brings us to the next consideration when shopping for fire starters. 

3. Durability 

We’ve just pointed out the ease of ignition as an indicator of a fire starter’s durability. Note that striking a fire starter more frequently accelerates its wear and tear.  

Besides ease of ignition, a fire starter’s durability also comes down to the material the tool is made from and its total number of strikes.  

Most fire starters are made from ferrocerium.  

Ferrocerium is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy comprising mischmetal hardened using iron and magnesium oxides. Striking the alloy produces hot sparks reaching temperatures as high as 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is highly resistant to corrosion and impact, making it remarkably durable. It’s also flame-resistance, which helps light up a fire without getting consumed by that very fire.  

Investing in a durable fire starter is especially important if you regularly camp in harsh weather. It also prevents you from spending extra on the tool featured in your camping subscription box.  

When it comes to the number of strikes a fire starter produces, that would depend on whether it’s predominantly iron or magnesium. Magnesium fire starters generally produce up to 3,000 strikes, while their ferro rod counterparts can make up to 10,000 fires. 

4. weatherproofness 

Weatherproofness correlates with durability, except that it defines how suitable a fire starter is for different weather conditions. It specifically relates to the tool’s reliability during damp and windy conditions.  

The thumb rule is to always insist on a weatherproof fire starter regardless of the season your camping trip coincides with.  

Pick a tool with higher waterproof ratings. Such products can work effectively even if you’ve just retrieved them from a pool of water or a muddy puddle. 

It’s also best to prioritize fire starters that produce stable flames that can withstand strong gales.  

However, note that a fire starter’s weatherproofness doesn’t replace the need for extra care. Store the tool in a cool and dry place when not in use to limit exposure to the elements. An excellent storage location would be amidst moisture-wicking fabrics. 

5. Average Burn Time 

Most high-end fire starters have a 10 – 40-minute burn duration. The longer the period, the more suitable the tool.  

Perhaps you’re wondering why a fire starter should burn longer. After all, the tool only intends to start a fire, right?  

Well, having a fire starter that burns longer reduces the need for kindling. The tool can come in handy during damp conditions where finding the right tinder may be challenging.  

Longer-burning fire starters are also helpful when you only need fire for light warming or accidentally misplaced your flashlight. 

6. Spark/Flame Temperature 

How hot a fire starter flame gets depends on many factors, such as the material it’s made from and its burn duration. As mentioned, many ferrocerium fire starter kits can hit blazing temperatures of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  

A hot-burning fire starter flame serves two primary functions. First, it allows the tool to dry up any damp tinder, making it ready to burn. It’s also necessary where you need to warm food or a cup of water but cannot find adequate firewood nearby.  

However, tread carefully while handling fire starters that burn at high temperatures.  

Resist the urge to stick your finger into the tool, as the heat may inflict severe damage. Do not hold the fire starter under flammable substances or materials that melt quickly, such as rubber and plastics. 

7. Ease of Use 

A fire starter may be easy to ignite. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to use. Ease of use refers to the tool’s working mechanism.  

Many fire starters use the strike mechanism where you hit a metallic rod to produce sparks. But some, such as the Pull Start Fire, work using a string. Simply pull the string and watch the magic unfold before your eyes.  

There are many other admirable features of the Pull Start Fire Kit, including its compact and lightweight design. The tool measures 1” X 2” X 5” and weighs a paltry four ounces, enough to fit into your palm or front pocket. It also burns up to 2.5 times hotter and up to 40 minutes more than regular fire starters, giving your kinder ample time to catch fire.  

This fire starter is also incredibly rainproof and can withstand winds up to 200+ mph.  


No two fire starters are identical.  

Some fire starters have a longer burn duration, while others have a maximum number of strikes. Some are designed for fair weather, whereas others are reliable even in damp or windy conditions.  

But with some research and some due diligence, it’s possible to get your hands on a fire starter kit that boasts all the salient features these tools should have. Hopefully, this article provided the insights you need when shopping for these essential camping supplies. 

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