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Top 7 Garage Door Manufacturing Trends In 2024


More than halfway through 2024, it’s safe to say that a slew of fashionable garage door styles has come and gone. Whether you’re in the market for brand-new garage doors or just want to update your old ones, it pays to be up-to-date on the latest trends.

This article covers what garage door trends will be big in 2024.

1. Automated garage doors

Domestic properties that use manual garage doors are on the decline these days. Automatic garage doors are becoming more popular instead. Having automatic doors controlled by a remote is quite convenient, especially when parking a vehicle inside. You may now press a button and drive straight into the garage, eliminating the need to exit your car and open it before parking.

Aside from the obvious accessibility benefit, automatic roller garage doors are also fantastic at preserving and enhancing space, which is of the utmost importance in today’s world.

2. Smart Devices

Maintaining our focus on ease of use, smart technology has recently emerged as a major force in the market. Installing garage doors that can be operated by an app on your phone is another option, in addition to utilizing a remote. Because of this, you may open and close them from any location, which is great if you often get packages while you’re out and about. It is also possible to install Wi-Fi opening systems.

In addition to improving the ease of use of your garage door, experienced professionals like Affordable Group indulge in garage door manufacture, to increase the safety of your property. You can keep a watch on your property whenever you want with the help of CCTV cameras that are connected to your garage.

3. State-of-the-art Components

Due to industrial shifts in recent years, garage door durability has become an increasingly important feature. Fiberglass and PVC are quickly replacing more typical materials like wood and steel, which are known to be high maintenance because consumers need products that will last a long time. Furthermore, these contemporary materials offer many inventive designs and are far more amenable to personalization tanzohub.

4. Modern Panels

These days, people care about the look of their garage doors as much as they do about their utility, and a striking door may make a lasting impression. Because of its near-invisible mix with brick, anthracite gray is currently a popular choice among homeowners.

Because they can stand out, darker hues are more practical than brighter ones. Many brands are capitalizing on the popularity of black, which was a major trend in 2020 and will likely continue.

As indicated before, modern garage doors prioritize safety. Not only does smart technology improve safety, but certain garage door brands are also bolstering their wares with long-lasting materials.

5. Contemporary Panels

Many have noticed an increase in the demand for sleek, minimalist garage doors, which is in keeping with the trend toward minimalism in the design industry as a whole. With a modern section design, the door will blend in with the rest of the house’s façade. Sculptural panels are no longer fashionable; options for a clean section look include flush, v-grooved, which looks like planked doors, recessed, or recessed ribbed, adding dimension. 

These choices are available in several brands, allowing customers to achieve the desired sleek design and thermal performance.

6. Extra Windows

There are reports that the garage door business has been following the interior design trend of recent years by offering more window options and more contemporary window positions, such as huge windows along the length of the garage door. This is all to let more natural light into the garage. 

You may let light into the garage with strategically placed windows and various glass options, including frosted glass, which also allows you to personalize the door to your home’s decor. Options for the windows on the American TraditionTM carriage-style doors range from paned to colored glass in shades of dark gray and beyond.

7. Tailored Designs: Understated Elegance to Eye-Catching Protest

In the past, garage doors served no other use. No more! The three biggest changes in garage door design for 2024 that are bringing form and function together are:

  • Minimalism with a Modern Twist: Sleek wood finishes, brushed metal accents, and neutral tones are trending. With its clean lines, bright accents (such as the house number and trim), and air of “I’m an adult; even my garage door is classy!” this design will surely turn heads.
  • Vibrant Shades and Special Accents: Houses with two-tone color schemes, such as charcoal gray and burnt orange, attract attention from homeowners who aren’t afraid to take risks. For a more eye-catching look, choose a high-shine surface or a carbon fiber treatment to give the garage door a new look.
  • Elevate Your Contemporary Space with Glass: If you like to flaunt the antique Mustang you refurbished, install frameless glass panels. These panels let natural light in and showcase the valuables contained within. An alternative that offers a modern and sleek appearance is frames made of aluminum. 

In the end!

That wraps up the most popular garage door trends for 2024. They lead to a contemporary era of elegance, practicality, and eco-friendliness, rather than just a dusty sedan. Modern garage doors are both an excellent investment and a source of envy in the neighborhood because of their eco-friendly materials, cutting-edge technology, and streamlined designs.

Always remember that a door is more than that; it is a window into the homeowner’s history, beliefs, and interests. Assist them in making a bold statement without hesitation! As the adage goes, people don’t compliment a closed garage door. 

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