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Types of Car Accidents in Atlanta: Can a Lawyer Help Victims Receive Compensation?


Car accidents can occur anywhere and lead to severe injuries. But there are some cities where car crashes are more common than others. People in Atlanta face a higher chance of getting involved in car collisions.In March 2024, Atlanta News First reported on a fatal car crash in the city. According to the news report, two people were hospitalized after a crash that involved a car and five motorcycles in Covington. The police stated that Interstate 20 east of Exit 90 had to be shut down after the accident. Soon, the lanes were reopened since the accident scene was clear.The police also shared that two patients had to be shifted by the helicopter as they were badly injured. The Georgia State Patrol and Covington Police Department are currently investigating this accident. Car accidents like these are common in Atlanta. Hence, car drivers must be cautious to avoid such crashes and the painful injuries that result from them. In this article, we will delve into the types of car crashes in Atlanta and whether a lawyer can help to get legally compensated.

Common Types of Car Crashes in Atlanta

If there are several vehicles on the road, the chances of accidents are high. Any expert Atlanta car accident lawyer will tell you that it is important to know the common types of car accidents so that you can avoid them.The crucial ones are: 

Rear-End Crashes

The rear-end crash takes place when a car suddenly hits another vehicle from behind. It typically takes place when the car driver is unmindful. In such a situation, they rear-end another car that has slowed down or completely stopped. It can also take place when a driver is following another car very closely.Are you thinking about how to avoid a rear-end crash? If so, it is necessary to check the cars that are around you and take ample space to stop if required tanzohub.

Side-Impact Crashes

This type of accident is also called a T-bone accident. It occurs when a car gets hit by the front of another car. It is a fatal type of crash, as it can lead to severe injuries and death as well. It’s because most vehicles have very little cushioning or support on their sides. There is almost nothing to absorb the impact of the collision.This accident can be averted by yielding the correct way to oncoming traffic and remaining careful while driving near intersections.

Head-on Collisions

It is one of the most fatal accidents that you can face today. It takes place when two cars suddenly hit one another head-on, because the driver crossed into the oncoming traffic. Or the driver could have veered off into the wrong lane.If you want to stay away from this accident, you need to focus well while driving. Make sure that you don’t drive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Additionally, you should not drive when you are fatigued and drowsy. If you have a long route to cover, it’s best to take breaks in between. Make sure that you adhere to the posted speed limits and refrain from speeding when there is heavy snow or rain.These are a few common types of car crashes in Atlanta that can lead to injuries like broken bones, ligament tears, spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, and even death. Hence, victims must get immediate medical aid and then seek legal recourse.

Working with a Lawyer

Car accident victims in Atlanta can often find it challenging to recover from the after-effects of the crash. This is especially true when they have to deal with legal issues. An ace lawyer can come to the rescue here and protect your rights.The Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm states that when you encounter a crash where there are more people involved, the situation becomes complex. An expert lawyer will make sure that your rights aren’t affected by other parties involved in the accident. A lawyer considers comparative negligence and tries to maximize compensation.Additionally, a lawyer studies the accident details and uses the vital pieces of evidence to build a strong case to obtain fair compensation. You can use this amount to cover all your economic and non-economic damages. However, it is necessary to work in cooperation with your lawyer and maintain utmost transparency so that you don’t face any settlement delays.In conclusion, when you are driving a car on the streets of Atlanta, you can encounter an accident despite adhering to traffic rules. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the common crash types so that you can play your part in avoiding them. However, once you are faced with an accident, it is necessary to opt for both medical and legal aid. 

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