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Websites & Streaming Services Blocked in the UK – Why?


There is a lot to explore on the internet; however, the government in the UK does not take every website or app lightly. Many internet users in the United Kingdom are restricted from accessing many platforms. 

These policies or enforcements are introduced by ISPs or mobile operators. The list of services that are difficult to access is growing rapidly. Even though some are blocked for rightful reasons, others might be a little ridiculous. 

For instance, on December 5, 2008, Wikipedia’s URL called “Virgin Killer,” a record album on Wiki, was blocked by the Internet Watch Foundation. This was done rightfully since the domain held indecent pictures of underaged children. 

However, because of that, many Wiki sites were partially blocked, some of which included educational platforms tanzohub.  

The State of Blocking Websites or Apps in the UK 

As mentioned above, many websites or links are blocked in the UK rightfully. However, a few are banned for no reason. 

For instance,, used by bloggers, SEO companies, and more organizations worldwide, was blocked in the UK by internet service providers. 

What was the reason? A blatant mistake.

 It was then recovered on July 29, 2013. For this reason, many are looking for ways to unblock them. Some use it for simply streaming, while others use it to access educational sites. Even though there are a couple of methods for you to use to access websites and apps in the UK, not all are safe. Right now, the safest way is by using the best VPN UK

A Virtual Private Network is the Best Way to Go 

As mentioned, there are many methods for accessing the best geo-restricted or blocked websites and apps in the UK, but not all are safe. For this reason, a VPN is one of the most secure. 

However, not every kind of VPN works. There are many that claim to offer the fastest servers and top-notch security, and they even promise to give you access to many websites. But the sad truth is that they don’t work. 

This is especially the case with free VPN services. For instance, even though Disney Plus is available in the UK, only some of its content is accessible. To overcome this issue, you need the best Disney Plus VPN and not just a random provider. In the guide below, I will show you how to choose the best VPN so that you can unblock safe websites and apps in the UK.    

How to Select a UK VPN to Safely Access Websites or Services 

We all love curling up on the couch with our favorite streaming service or accessing websites for educational purposes. The same applies to users in the UK, but it’s a real bummer when geo-restrictions, censorship, or regional blocks get in the way. For this, a VPN comes in handy, also aiding in adding security and privacy while you’re connected to the internet. 

Even though that is true, there’s a catch. The internet is crawling with VPN providers, each one singing its own siren song. So how do you choose? This guide will cut through the manic and help you with tips on choosing the best one. Here is how to get started: 

1. The VPN should be able to unblock 

Here are two factors to consider: 

  • Evade geo-restrictions: A good VPN for accessing websites or apps should be a master key for geo-restricted content libraries. Imagine: Your favorite streaming service or website might be available in your region, but you’re stuck with the local library. With a reliable VPN, you can bypass these restrictions—all while keeping your connection safe. For this, you also need good server coverage. 
  • Server coverage: the VPN to go for must prioritize quality over quantity. Chose one with carefully selected servers available in multiple countries. This way, you can connect to many options if one doesn’t work. 

2. Security & privacy features

Apart from safe access to websites, etc, always consider choosing one with the best security preferences: 

  • Encryption/features: choose a VPN with high levels of military-grade security. It should offer AES 256-bit encryption, Ad-Block, malware protection, Kill Switch, WireGuard, and more. Other than that, the credibility of the provider is also what matters, in short, its no-logs policy. 
  • No-Logs Policy: a part of selecting a secure VPN is the providers’ no-logs policy. Go for a provider that holds a strong no-data logging policy. A plus point would be that the VPN is audited. This holds stronger reliability. 

3. VPN speeds & its functionality 

Here are more factors to consider while selecting the best UK VPN:  

  • Stable speeds: no one likes streaming with slow speeds or websites that take forever to load. Despite paying for faster internet, slow speeds are usually the byproduct of ISP throttling. The VPN you choose needs to offer unlimited bandwidth, preventing throttling issues. 
  • Low Latency: If the VPN provider and its servers are reasonable, you won’t experience high latency issues. This even applies to online gaming in the UK and in real-time.  

4. Device support and connections 

Device compatibility is important with the VPN you choose. Here’s what to consider: 

  • Devices: some use smartphones, while others use laptops or smart TVs. Choose a VPN that unblocks services in and out of the UK, but it needs to offer apps for all the popular devices. For instance, it needs to support Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Firestick, and others. 
  • Multiple connections: If you usually use more than one device, choose a VPN that offers multiple device connections on one subscription. It’s better than paying more for each device. If you choose a free VPN, you’re limited to just one device. 

5. Subscription and support 

Most people go for free VPNs. The reason we don’t recommend that is because they’re unsafe. Here’s how to choose an affordable premium option: 

  • VPN subscription: some VPNs are affordable, but they’re all different. Choose one with multiple subscription options. Look for cheap 2-year or Lifetime plans, but same time, one that gives reliable features, speeds, servers, etc. Free trials or a money-back guarantee is also a solid plus. 
  • Support chat/email: a reliable VPN support system is required if you need help canceling your accounts, setting up the app, or getting a refund. 

To Conclude 

So, if you’re wondering why websites and apps are blocked in the UK, there are several reasons for this. However, if you only want to access safer platforms while they’re blocked, you can evade those restrictions with a VPN. We mentioned that most VPNs are not safe, specifically free options. This is why we recommend checking this guide, showing you how to land the best one according to your budget. 

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